Create the Fulfilling Life & Relationships You Want

My online trauma-informed therapy in New York for adults and couples provides a safe place to work through trauma, relationship issues, and emotional stress. I offer online individual and couples therapy in English and Spanish.

You Can Break Free From Childhood And Generational Traumas And Unhealthy Relationship Patterns.

You work hard, are doing well in your career or schooling, and others look to you for help, support, and guidance.

But you also realize that something is holding you back. You may already have an idea of what’s contributing to your current struggles. You may even have tried therapy in the past.

An image featuring Yessenia Lajara, a trauma therapy psychologist based in New York, specializing in providing support and treatment for individuals experiencing trauma and its related psychological impacts.
An image showcasing Yessenia Lajara, a therapist based in New York, conducting couple counseling sessions, offering guidance and support to couples seeking to enhance their relationship and improve communication.

But now you’re in a place in your life where you’re ready to

Gain clarity and insights on how past hurts and habits are affecting you, contributing to insecurities or self-sabotaging behaviors

Break unhelpful relationship patterns

Do the work to create the present and future you want

You Can Process Past Traumas And Hurts, Build Healthy Relationships, And Thrive.

As a licensed therapist, I help adults and couples safely work through trauma, relationship issues, and emotional stress.

My Trauma-Informed And Mindfulness Therapy Approach Goes Beyond Talk Therapy To Help You Heal.

Talk therapy can help you work through struggles and issues you face. But therapy is not a one-size-fits-all, and no one approach fits every situation or session.

So, in addition to traditional talk therapy, I incorporate other approaches and strategies, like mindfulness, Inner Child Work, and EMDR. So you can heal your whole self — mind, body, and inner self.

Sessions are tailored to fit your unique needs, so you can move forward and achieve your therapy goals at your pace

As a culturally competent therapist, I’m here to help you reconnect with all aspects of who you are.

As a Latina therapist and first-generation American, I understand how culture, race, generational expectations, and environment can impact you.

I can relate to the experiences and struggles experienced by people of color — which helps me create a safe, judgment-free space for you to freely express what you’re going through.

So you can reconnect with yourself — your dreams and goals — and strengthen your connection with family, loved ones, friends, and your roots.

I offer online individual and couples therapy in New York in English and Spanish.

I specialize in helping BIPOC and first-generation adults and couples work through:

Generational trauma
First-generation stress and pressures
The trauma of racism
Micro-aggression at the workplace
Immigration stress and pressures
Childhood trauma
Relationship issues for individuals and couples
Insecurities and low self-esteem
Communication issues for individuals and couples
At yessenia lajara therapy we specialize in helping BIPOC and first-generation adults and couples work through

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