Enhance Your Relationship with Trauma-Informed Couples Therapy in New York

You can grow closer and deepen your relationship by working together to overcome communication challenges, gaining insights on how past relationship habits and difficult life experiences are impacting your current relationship, and learning new relationship skills and habits.

You are committed to each other but it’s hard sometimes to communicate — to feel heard and connected.

You and your partner love each other. You’ve had good times and made it through challenging times — together.

But even loving relationships can face hardships and issues.

And now you may find yourselves struggling to overcome difficulties as a couple, such as:

Trouble talking with each other about difficult emotions or events
Difficulty expressing your needs and wishes
Repeating unhelpful relationship habits and patterns

As a result, you may feel more disconnected, lonely, unsure, and hurt.

Yet despite the difficulties, you are committed to solving the problems because you care about each other and your relationship.

An image portraying Yessenia Lajara, a therapist from New York, providing couples counseling services, offering support and guidance to couples seeking to enhance their relationship and improve communication.
An image featuring Yessenia Lajara, a therapist and couples therapist based in New York, conducting counseling sessions for couples, helping them navigate relationship challenges and fostering emotional well-being.

You can deepen your understanding of each other and your relationship with trauma-informed couples therapy.

You want to strengthen your relationship, feel closer, and learn how to work through relationship challenges together.

Couples therapy with a trauma-informed approach can help.

It lets you look at the whole picture of your relationship — to understand what is currently happening in your relationship and why.

Trauma-informed couples therapy helps you explore:

The history of your relationship
Habits and patterns in your relationship and past relationships
Your personal lives, experiences, and communication styles

So you gain clarity on how past experiences are influencing your communication and coping styles in your relationship — and learn new, healthy skills and habits.

Find solutions and strengthen your relationship with my trauma-informed couples therapy.

My trauma-informed couples therapy helps you gain perspective on your relationship, so you can resolve your relationship issues and grow closer.

You’ll better understand your relationship’s bigger picture — helping you and your partner see all aspects of yourselves as individuals and a couple.

These insights can help you:

Rebuild trust
Grow closer
Learn new communication and coping skills
Work through hurts and misunderstandings
Better understand each other, possible triggers, and why you each react to situations in certain ways
An image showcasing Yessenia Lajara, a therapist from New York, facilitating couples counseling sessions aimed at strengthening relationships and fostering greater connection and understanding between partners.
An image illustrating Yessenia Lajara, a therapist from New York, conducting trauma-informed couples counseling sessions, providing specialized support and guidance to couples dealing with the impact of trauma on their relationship.
In each session, I create a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space where you each can talk freely with each other — about your relationship, past, feelings, thoughts, and hopes.

Sessions are tailored to your specific needs, so you can work toward your relationship goals. My integrative couples therapy approach incorporates various proven theories, strategies, and tools, including:

Trauma-informed therapies
Skills-based training
Mindfulness techniques
I am also bilingual and can conduct sessions in Spanish or English.

Deepen your relationship with trauma-informed couples therapy — so you grow closer.

You can work together to overcome communication challenges, understand each other better, and learn new relationship skills and habits. Contact me today to learn how my trauma-informed couples therapy can help you.