Yessenia Lajara is filled with light, and that comes across so distinctly during her work. The wellness sessions that she led with Planned Parenthood of Greater NY, were different, but both necessary. The first, was at the start of covid, where she shared her expertise as an LCSW, which supported a lot of parents navigating their new realities with their children. The second was learning mindfulness practices, that allowed participants to focus on breathing, and staying present. Beautiful work that resonated with all of the participants. Thank you, for supporting communities, thank you for creating and holding healing space for all.


I have known Yessenia Lajara for the past three years in her role supporting the mental health of children, adults, and families within a school setting. She has demonstrated an ability to provide exceptional clinical care and interventions by integrating a wide variety of trauma informed interventions when treating individuals, groups, and families. Her knowledge in TF-CBT, loss/grief, and mindfulness practices makes her a unique clinician, with a broad understanding on how stressors can impact the mind and body of her clients. Her knowledge, combined with her empathic abilities, makes Ms. Lajara exceptional in helping individuals improve their psychological and emotional well being, at a pace that is tailored to their specific needs.


Yessenia is nothing short of extraordinary. She truly takes the time to understand the journey you are on and really dig deep in a way that feels natural. My fiancé and I initially went to her for couples’ sessions but soon we were attending individual sessions which helped a great deal. Yessenia knew when it was time to take each next step and did it all with such kindness and gentleness.

My fiancé and I explored our childhood trauma and triggers in couples’ sessions as well as individual sessions. We truly got to the root of our struggles with the perfect balance of therapy and mindfulness. Precisely what I was looking for. Yessenia taught us skills that we will carry with us forever. After every session, my fiancé and I would leave with such an enlightened feeling and a deeper understanding of our struggles. Yessenia is so compassionate and professional. She created a neutral environment for us which made my fiancé feel comfortable and trust her guidance. This made it so easy for us to communicate effectively. There are no words that can truly grasp what this experience has meant to my fiancé and I because they do not do it justice. Our sessions with Yessenia have been so healing for me as an individual and as a partner. For the first time in my life, I feel that I am in an adult relationship and safe to really love and let be what will be. My fiancé and I have been blessed to have found Yessenia and I cannot give her enough praise.


Yessenia is the most understanding, caring, and forward thinking therapist there is. Her remote capabilities make it easy to fit a healing session into anyone’s schedule. My partner and I did bi-weekly sessions, within a few months we were able to communicate effectively and learned how to create safe spaces for one another. With time and care, individually and together roots were unearthed. First she finds the problem within then helps you work on them together. But what I appreciated the most was that, Yessenia gave reasonable perspectives without leaning too far on one side. Thank you Yessenia!