Get to the Root of Your Trauma with EMDR & Trauma Therapy in New York

You can heal from generational, childhood, and complex traumas — creating the life, relationships, and experiences you want.

You don’t have to be defined by your life experiences. You can move forward.

When others look at your life, they see what you’ve accomplished. You may have a career, excel at school, have a family, or are someone others depend on.

Yet, inside, you still struggle — even if those closest to you may not realize it.

Because you can feel the impact of past hurts, experiences, and traumas on your life.

An image showcasing Yessenia Lajara, a therapist from New York, combining yoga, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and trauma therapy techniques to help individuals heal and move forward from past traumas.
An image featuring Yessenia Lajara, a therapist from New York, utilizing a combination of yoga, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and trauma therapy techniques to assist individuals in addressing and overcoming their struggles and reaching a turning point in their healing journey.

You may struggle with:

Feelings of insecurity or loneliness
Difficulty fully trusting others or yourself
Anxiety or depression
Self-sabotaging behaviors
Relationship and family issues
Feeling on edge or having difficulty relaxing
Expressing your feelings and thoughts in relationships
Coping with stress or being fully present in your life
Poor sleep or chronic physical symptoms, like nausea, tension, or stomach aches

While you can’t change the past, you can change how the past affects you.

Understanding how your past impacts you can empower you to heal, change, and move forward.

Talking about painful experiences and emotions can be scary.

But getting the thoughts, feelings, and memories out can help you:

Untangle and identify unhelpful patterns, habits, and beliefs impacting your relationship with others and yourself.
Gain perspective about yourself, your life, what you have achieved, and what you want moving forward
Heal from painful experiences
Learn new ways of coping with stress and life challenges
Develop new strategies for effectively expressing yourself
Feel empowered and connected with yourself and others
Start building the life and relationships you want
An image showcasing Yessenia Lajara, a therapist and psychologist from New York, specializing in EMDR therapy for trauma recovery, providing expert guidance and support to individuals on their journey towards healing and psychological well-being.
An image featuring Yessenia Lajara, a therapist from New York, offering a therapeutic approach that combines yoga, EMDR, and trauma therapy techniques to provide healing and support for individuals seeking to overcome trauma and improve their well-being.

My therapeutic approach goes at YOUR pace, so you always
feel safe.

Working through trauma responses and past hurts takes time. I will support you on your journey and go at your pace — so you feel comfortable and safe to express yourself freely.

We won’t dive into your most difficult experiences at the start of therapy.

Instead, we take time in initial sessions to help you establish a self-care routine, explore your current life, relationships, and challenges. As a result, you will develop a foundation of skills, strategies, and tools to take care of yourself — even when faced with difficult emotions, thoughts, or conflicts.

And when you feel comfortable and can emotionally support yourself, we can begin the work of exploring, processing, and working through past experiences and traumas.

Therapy sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals, so you can move forward and thrive. I provide a supportive, judgment-free space where you can open up about your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences.

My integrative trauma therapy approach incorporates strategies and methods from:


Inner Child Work
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
Mindfulness techniques
Skills-based training
Additionally, I am a certified EMDR specialist and TF-CBT therapist. I am also bilingual and can conduct sessions in Spanish or English.

I specialize in helping BIPOC and first-generation adults work through complex traumas.

As a Latina therapist and first-generation American, I can relate to many people of color challenges and experiences.

I also understand the importance of taking into account your culture, background, and beliefs as we explore your past, present, and future goals.

Because your history, your family’s history, and your culture can impact how you were raised, how you relate to others in and outside of your family, and how you think about yourself.

I help adults work through traumas and life experiences related to:

Generational trauma
Childhood trauma
Immigration stress
Self-sabotaging behaviors
Racism, microaggression, and inequality
An image depicting Yessenia Lajara, a therapist from New York, specializing in yoga, EMDR, and trauma therapy for individuals, particularly focused on providing assistance to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities, addressing complex trauma and promoting healing.

You can feel confident, secure, and empowered. You can create the life and close relationships you want.

My EMDR and trauma therapy can help you understand your past and how it impacts you in the present. So you can gain clarity on your life, learn new coping strategies and life skills, and heal.