How I Help

An image featuring Yessenia Lajara, a therapist based in New York, conducting couples counseling sessions, providing guidance and support to couples seeking to improve their relationship dynamics and communication.

Couples Therapy

You can grow closer and deepen your relationship by working together to overcome communication challenges, gaining insights on how past relationship habits and difficult life experiences are impacting your current relationship, and learning new relationship skills and habits.

You and your partner love each other. You’ve had good times and made it through challenging times — together.

But even loving relationships can face hardships and issues.

Relationship Therapy for Individuals

Overcome relationship challenges, build confidence, and develop effective communication and relationship skills, so you feel more present and connected with yourself and others.

Your relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and romantic partners are important. They help you feel connected and give extra meaning to your life.

But relationships can also come with challenges and miscommunications that can leave you feeling drained.

An image displaying Yessenia Lajara, a therapist from New York, offering yoga counseling and relationship therapy for individuals, providing holistic support and guidance to help individuals navigate their personal relationships and enhance their overall well-being.
An image showcasing Yessenia Lajara, a therapist based in New York, providing a combination of yoga counseling and EMDR trauma therapy for individuals, utilizing integrative approaches to support individuals in their healing journey and emotional well-being.

EMDR – Trauma Therapy for Individuals

You can heal from generational, childhood, and complex traumas — creating the life, relationships, and experiences you want.

When others look at your life, they see what you’ve accomplished. You may have a career, excel at school, have a family, or are someone others depend on.

Yet, inside, you still struggle — even if those closest to you may not realize it.

Because you can feel the impact of past hurts, experiences, and traumas on your life.

Living in the Moment

Our modern lifestyle can leave us feeling overwhelmed, rushing from task to task, and without enough time to get everything done — or even a moment to take a full breath.

This fast-paced lifestyle can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and run down.

Fortunately, practicing mindfulness lets you set aside time for yourself so you can slow down, feel more present in the moment, and be more in tune with yourself.

An image featuring Yessenia Lajara, a therapist from New York, conducting yoga counseling and mindfulness sessions, promoting holistic well-being and fostering a sense of mindfulness and self-awareness among individuals.
An image showcasing Yessenia Lajara, a psychologist and therapist from New York, specializing in EMDR therapy and corporate wellness programs, offering expert guidance and support to promote mental health and well-being in the workplace.

Corporate Wellness

Improve Your Staff’s Health & Productivity with a Corporate Wellness Program

My mindfulness-based workplace wellness programs are tailored to your company, school, or organization’s needs so you can support your employee’s emotional and physical health.

Our modern, fast-paced lifestyle often contributes to high levels of stress, feeling overwhelmed, and having too much to do without enough time to complete everything.

But these problems don’t just occur in our personal lives. They also happen in your employees’ work lives, whether they work in an office, school, or other organization.